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Attention App Users: Please contact the developer of whichever Bible App you are using. does not have an app nor are we associated with a third party app.

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To Report An Ad: We check the list of new advertisers regularly and already have a long list of sites that have been blocked. When an ad is discovered it is immediately added to the list to be blocked. While our monitoring isn’t 100% effective we always welcome visitor comments to help make us aware. Providing the name of the advertiser along with the url or destination url of the ad is imperative for insure proper blocking. will never ask for a credit card or any personal information from visitors. If you see this type of request it may be from an advertiser you might have clicked on.

Attn. Chronological Bible Readers. The One Year Bible Online Chronological reading plan is based upon The One Year® Chronological Bible NLT published by Tyndale House Publishers and may not necessarily match other bible translations or other publishers one year reading plans, for example, there are reading plan variations between the NLT & NIV translations. See this page for details.

Some visitors are reporting issues with the ability to listen to audio. If you are experiencing any technical issues please try to provide any details on the devices you are using, your internet provider, the page you are visiting and any error messages you may have received in the comments below. Any information can be helpful in diagnosing issues and possible solutions. Thank you.

When the plan states to read Genesis1:1-2:25, what does that mean?
When you see daily readings listed similar to the example above, it means that the days reading will include all scripture between the book of Genesis Chapter 1:Verse 1 through Genesis Chapter 2:Verse 25.

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