One Year Bible Daily Reading

Welcome to the daily readings from, the original online guide for those desiring to read through the Bible in one year.

The One Year® Bible daily readings consist of passages from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. This arrangement of Scripture brings variety and a fresh approach to each day’s reading, while providing a clear understanding of the Bible’s larger message. No other “through the bible” plan presents the entire bible in such a user-friendly format.


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April 7th One Year Bible Readings
DEUTERONOMY 31:1-32:27
LUKE 12:8-34
PSALM 78:32-55
PROVERBS 12:21-23

"What Now" Study Questions:

What Now? From Amazon
  • God prohibited Moses from leading Israel into the land of Promise. Perhaps the people needed to recognize that God, not Moses, had provided the Promised Land. Are you tempted to trust in human leaders more than in God?
  • Jesus reminds us that if we are ashamed of Him on earth, He will be ashamed of us in heaven. Ask God to grant you the courage to share your faith with confidence.

Audio Commentary and Reading of the New Living Translation©1996 (Please note that there are variations in the text of the current and 1996 NLT versions.)
April 7th

Note: If you have chosen to begin reading through the Bible on a date other than January 1st you can utilize the reading links on either of the "7 Day Reading" pages for the One Year or Chronological plans.

We are pleased to provide The One Year® Bible commentary and readings by Tom Dooley. Listen and read along to The One Year® Bible audio readings from the New Living Translation©1996

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