Chronological Bible Differences

The chronological readings used at One Year Bible Online are arranged by the estimated dates that the events actually occurred. It follows the chronological readings found in Tyndale’s New Living Translation (NLT).

Other Chronological Bible Plans May Not Match

Chronological reading found in other Bible translations may differ in how the readings are arranged. Some are based on the estimated dates each book was written.

If you are comparing the chronological reading plan used on this site with others such as Zondervan’s NIV, they are indeed different. Not only in the text of the translation but in the order the specific passages are presented.  This would also include Tyndale’s publication of the NIV since the NIV translation is copyrighted by Zondervan.

These arrangement differences can be frustrating, and while the explanation may not help in your situation, it hopefully provides you with an explanation of why.